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Commercial coworking

An open office space, with several individuals sitting or standing at various workspaces

Provide federal employees with a short-term space solution

To keep up with rapidly changing federal workplace needs, we are tapping into the private sector’s business model for coworking spaces. Federal agencies can now also take advantage of shared workspaces in commercial settings to meet short-term space needs.

Through our contract with five commercial vendors, federal agencies have access to commercial coworking spaces in large and small cities across the continental United States.

Our contract provides you access to short-term, on-demand commercial coworking space for:

  • Emergencies (example: asbestos abatement).
  • Hiring surges (example: urgent hiring of data scientists).
  • Swing space (example: delayed construction project).
  • Pilots (example: testing a coworking program).

“[I liked the] ability to work alongside non-federal workers and fed workers from other agencies.” –Survey respondent

Commercial coworking space

Our commercial coworking space is where federal employees work alongside workers from other federal agencies and the private sector.

The coworking environment is outfitted with the following:

  • Open seating and workspaces.
  • Printers/copiers/fax machines.
  • Wireless internet access.
  • Shared kitchens, restrooms and other support spaces.

Workspace options include:

  • Unreserved workspaces (drop-in or “hot desks” without reservations).
  • Reservable workspaces (“hoteling” day use; with reservations).
  • Reservable offices (day use; with reservations).
  • Conference space (incidental use only).
An open office furnished with work tables, chairs, couches, and office supplies
An open office with a person descending a staircase, a person sitting on a bench working on a laptop, and two people drinking from mugs sitting in armchairs
An open office with three working tables, a person walking through the center of the room, three people seated and working on laptops, and large windows with fall-colored foliage outside

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Commercial coworking space contract

The contract is:

  • For agencies that need temporary access to commercial coworking spaces. Agencies occupy only the space they need to accomplish their mission and promote responsible use of taxpayer dollars.
  • A flexible, short-term agreement for federal agencies to gain access to a fully furnished, open concept, coworking office space in a commercial property.
  • Quick procurement timelines and flexibility. No need to design, lease, build-out, and furnish space.
  • For agencies that want to test new ways of working, foster innovation, share resources, promote equity, and enhance adaptability.

The contract has very specific parameters and may not work for agencies with space needs that would be better suited for a traditional lease.

The contract is not:

  • A long-term solution for agencies. To accommodate groups requiring space for more than 12 months, we will recompete the task order, and agencies may be assigned to a new space managed by a different vendor.
  • For exclusive use by a single agency. An agency may not be guaranteed daily access to the same workspace.
  • For classified, confidential, or sensitive work.
  • Suitable for agencies needing alterations or construction for their specific mission needs.

Identifying your coworking requirements

If you are interested in using one of our commercial coworking spaces, please provide the following information when you contact our team:

  • Number and types of workspaces (workstation, office, reserved or unreserved) needed (our team can help you determine this).
  • Length of time you need (must be between one and 12 months).
  • Location (city or cities in the Continental U.S.).
  • Other requested amenities.

We will first consider the availability of similar turnkey vacant federal or vacant leased space. If similar, federally-controlled space is not available, we can work with you to create a scope of work that aligns with the contract. Your agency must issue reimbursable work authorization funding through eRETA before we request quotations from vendors in your delineated area.

Task orders may be competed among the following coworking vendors:

Small businesses:

Large business:

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Contact your national or regional customer lead.

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