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The way we work today is fundamentally different than it was 20 years ago, and the last few years have provided opportunities for radical change. In both the public and private sectors, people are moving toward a combination of office-based, hybrid, and remote ways of working. GSA works with clients to support their mission delivery – wherever it occurs – by integrating people, spaces, and technology.

The next chapter in federal workplace innovation

Future of federal work, workplace 2030

Workplace 2030 is GSA’s effort to lead and support the federal government through the return to office and the future of work. Distributed work, shared space, and customized implementation are the foundation of the new Workplace 2030 services we are developing and offering to federal agencies.

GSA convened a group of internal experts, as well as government and private-sector thought leaders to anticipate various future scenarios for federal work. We had over 100 participants across 18 federal agencies participate in various working sessions. Participants shared insights about how distributed workforces performed during the pandemic. This extended dialogue championed candor as well as diversity and led us to create our guiding principles:

Work can be done anywhere, at any time.
Real estate will help us maintain and enhance human connections, but technology will be the primary force that brings work together.

The office is necessary, but its purpose is shifting.
Offices will remain critical to collaborate, maintain connections, and access secure resources. They will also continue serving as primary workspaces for those who can’t (or don’t want to) work from home.

Distributed work is trusted work.
During the pandemic, agencies discovered the positive impacts of telework. Employees will want to continue working wherever it best suits the task at hand.

Hybrid work arrangements benefit both the employee and the organization.
Working from home affords employees scheduling flexibility, opportunities to improve a work-life balance, and cost and time savings from commuting.

Workplace 2030 will propel federal work into the next decade with commitment to:

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